-a long-established custom or belief that has been passed on from one generation to another

Christmas traditions are probably the biggest events we have that can bond us to one another, and the most important traditions that we have throughout the year. They seem to be the ones that bring back really important memories and times in our lives.

Christmas Pajamas Tradition 2010

The smallest things like a smell, music, or the taste of a familiar dessert can bring back a fond memory from the past.

Tessa writing a letter to Santa 2011

The traditions from our past that are most important to us are the ones that we want to pass on to our own kids. Traditions can often times be the glue that creates the bonds that bring joy and the strong support needed through good times and bad times.

Frosting cookies 2013

We all want our children to turn to us during hard times and not outside sources, and this is where meaningful traditions can come into play. When we strengthen the family through traditions and time spent together we put emphasis on strong family bonds.

Seeing the lights at the Washington DC Temple 2013

Traditions don’t have to be expensive or even have to take much effort. They can just be simple activities.

Making cookies for Santa 2013

Traditions don’t have to just happen at Christmas, but should be happening all year long

Favorite Things party 2014

I thought it would be fun to help get you started with a list of traditions this holiday season. I made a huge Celebrate Christmas bucket list for my family, and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.

This concept is so so simple. I made this print to be a very large size. It is 36×48. All you have to do is go to the staples website, and click on Products, and then print and marketing. From there you go to: Document printing/blueprints/bw blueprints/ and then select the size 36×48, orientation is portrait, and you will only need 1 print not 3.

Then all you have to do is upload this FREE image that I have made for you.

I have given you 2 choices to choose from:

Tree background:

Click on image to take you to the FREE Download

or Car background:

Click on Image to take you to the FREE download

Once you have uploaded it, make sure once again that the 36X48 size is still selected, and then order your print. You should be able to get one day printing for the low low price of $7.29.

This is really fun to hang on your wall with Washi tape. Remember that this going to be HUGE!! That’s what makes this so much fun. It’s a life size poster that your kids get to actually mark off.

Your family can spend the rest of the month checking off all these amazing family traditions. The best part is you have now created a new tradition of making a bucket list!! Making a list and checking it twice….

Making Gingerbread Houses 2016

Happy traditions!!

Gingerbread House 2018