How many Advent calendars do you have?

Can you have too many?

I swear kids love counting down to Christmas. It is so fun counting down the days to Christmas. It might be more fun than Christmas Day. I thought it might be fun to inspire you with a few advents that are floating around the web. I made a fun Pinterest board full of awesome Advent calendars. Check it out here.

We also have a few great ones at our house:

This one is from 12Timbers. The kids can’t wait to fill the beard with these adorable pom pom magnets.

This is another fun one. I got this idea from Pinterest, and each day is filled with an idea of how we can serve.

This one is a fun one that you can add little treats too if you want to. Each little house opens up. I got this one from a store here in town called

I wanted to make a new one this year that included a fun little gift for my kiddos this year. I had kind of thought I would put it in my loft, but I ended up putting it in our office. I love how it turned out.

Theses boxes are full of little gifts for my kids.

Some of the boxes have treats, some have a practical/fun item, and some have a tag to redeem for a gift. Some even have something to do with one of our traditions.

Like this box has cookie cutters to bake cookies for Santa:

If the gift doesn’t fit in the box they get to redeem the tag for a wrapped gift. Some of the ideas are their pajamas. I want to give them their pajamas on Day 1 so they can wear them all month. Day 2 they get a pair of socks; I found these at the dollar store. Day 24 they redeem the tag for a gingerbread house to make.

These are super simple to make. You can buy these boxes on Amazon. They come in 2 days.

If you add a fun tag, it makes them super simple. I have pinned so many fun tag ideas on Pinterest on this FREE Christmas tag board; check it out here.

Then fill each box with some simple box. I found the majority of my gifts at Target dollar spot and the dollar tree.

You can do one thing for a boy like a flashlight and a fingernail polish for a girl?

And then tie it up with some twine. I found my big ball of twine at TJ Maxx.

Then put these boxes out somewhere fun for your kids to open each day!! They will love it!!

Check out this Video for more info on how this fun Advent came together:


This is what I put in day 7, this is a FREE printable so your kids can easily write their letters to Santa. Click on the letter to take you to the download