It was high time I did a Tour of our house on here, and since it’s Christmas time; the time every house looks the most beautiful, now is a good a time as any. Today I will share with you the main level of our house.

Welcome… to Valley View Abode:

Come Inside…

Welcome to our Entry Way. It happens to be one of my favorite parts of VVA. I love how we designed this to be open, but also to have these stunning columns with the beautiful glass transoms.

We designed this house to have a coastal feel. We lived in the Caribbean for several years so we took lots of our inspiration from living there. However, this house sits smack dab in the middle of farm land in Utah. …So it needed a few farmhouse elements to tie the two together.

When we finished building this house, I didn’t run right out and buy the most expensive of everything I could find. It’s not in my nature, and I couldn’t afford to do that. What I hope translates here on my blog and in my home, is that you can make it beautiful on a budget.

Let’s start the tour:

Off to the left of the entry is our home office and piano room:

The Home Office:

YES!! I painted our piano. Everyone asks me that question. It was the perfect way to save money. The piano was FREE, and then I painted it to make it look how I wanted.

If you are looking for a fun advent. Here is the one I made this year. It’s the one we have across our piano.

My favorite part of this room are the built-ins. They are especially fun to decorate at Christmas.

….and then off to the right would be our dining room.

The Dining Room:

This space is probably my favorite room in the whole house. That’s because it always stays clean.

I love keeping this table set all the time, and then we use it on special occasions.

This year I added some buffalo plaid to the table and to this room. This is something that makes this house feel a little more farmhouse.

I kept these placards on the table as well, and added my Christmas napkin rings from Pier 1.

Find some snowflake ones here. Remember that you can even find a good deal sometimes after the holidays. That’s when I bought mine!

My gold flatware came from Hobby Lobby, but you can also find some here.

If you kept walking through our entry, you would see the view of our great room, the table in our eat-in kitchen, and our kitchen. I love that these 3 spaces are all connected. It is so great for entertaining.

One of the best things we scored for this house is our wood beams. We were able to pick them up from a local barn that was being torn down. The barn was just about 10 miles north of here, and the family was kind enough to let us snag some beams before they tore it down.

The Great Room:

Last year, I decided to add some blush touches to our Christmas tree. I love how it turned out. In doing so, I have started to add a few pink elements here and there to the room in small ways.

I love how great our tree looks in the wooden planter. I found the planter at TJ Maxx and it serves 2 purposes for me. I use it outside in the summer and put a beautiful fern in it. In the winter, it houses my Christmas tree. Here is a tutorial on how to build one if you wanted too. I also know that every now and again Home Depot teaches a FREE class on how to do this.

…and adding blush to this tree was just the perfect touch:

….and of course these 2 bring the joy when they aren’t trying to get ornaments off the tree:

It seems as though everyone has something that they collect. I love to collect these adorable putz houses. As I share more of our house over the next few days, you will see them all over our home.

If you are looking for putz houses of your own here are a few. Here and here are ones that you can make yourselves. I want to try and do this with my kiddos.

I think the fireplace can be the finishing touch of Christmas. As soon as you hang up those stockings, it totally completes the room. Don’t you think?

I wanted all white stockings a few years back. So… I turned to Etsy, and I had them made. The cutest shop called Burlap Babe made them.

I recently got a new mirror from an antique store to hang above my fireplace, and it completes the look I am going for. I love searching Antique stores. I love the feeling of having new and old in my house.

The Kitchen:

I love that I can be working in my kitchen, while my family is hanging out in the great room.

When we were building this house, I knew I wanted open shelving. It has made decorating for Christmas really fun.

I recently found this adorable Santa Mug collection at an Antique Mall. I love how it looks on these shelves:

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the holidays. We love to bake, cook, and have friends over for holiday gatherings.

That is where having our big kitchen bar, and our eat-in kitchen in one room comes in handy.

Eat-in Kitchen:

I feel so spoiled being able to have a table that can fit 14 people around it. What a way to count your blessings when you are surrounded by that many people for a wonderful meal.

We had our table built by Design Courtyard, and I love it. I love everything they create. They have such a great style. It’s my passion to support the local handmade businesses. That’s what I hope to do more of on this blog. I want to share with you my favorites; small shop owners who are doing amazing things!!

….back to the eat-in kitchen:

I love this view! …and these candlesticks. You can purchase some for your own table here.

Once you leave the eat-in kitchen you will head down what I call my:

Greenhouse Hallway:

This is a great place to keep plants in the summer, because it gets so much sunlight. It’s my perfect little greenhouse.

I have succulents in here for now, and I do grow lots of stuff in here during different times of the year. These big frames normally have our family theme in them, but for Christmas I changed them out by putting buffalo plaid wrapping paper in them. I bought my paper here. You guys also have to check out their amazing wrapping paper selection.

Just off of this Hallway you can find our:

Main Floor Bathroom:

You guys, every room has something Christmas in it. I know. I have a problem. This Hot Cocoa sign comes from a favorite shop, called Details 2 Enjoy. Also, a starter company, owned by a mother and a daughter. They are no longer small. They have gotten so BIG!! Anyways, you have to CHECK THEM OUT!! I love their concept!!

All through the house are little splashes of things I have picked up at antique stores. I snagged these metal ceiling tiles at an Antique type flea market called Vintage Market Days. I love having pieces like this to add character to my house. Adding these wreaths to them for Christmas gives it just the perfect touch:

Just a little further down the hall is my favorite room on this floor:

My office:

If you remember I recently did an office remodel, and now I love hanging out in this space. I tried to do the remodel on a budget, and I was able to do it pretty well I think.

I love how it turned out in here for Christmas:

All it needed was a Christmas Tree:

A tree with Pink Tinsel is the perfect touch for a girl’s office; don’t you think?

I also wanted this to to have a touch of buffalo plaid. The simple solution was to tie on some buffalo tags that I had, and add some gifts in buffalo plaid paper. The same buffalo plaid wrapping paper that I added to my big frames in my hallway.

I’m so glad y’all came by. I can’t wait to share more with you soon. Stay tuned for Part 2; coming soon.