We all know that the holidays can come with so much stress. When I was back in college and newly married; I went to a holiday preparation and ideas class. The best take away that I took from that was to have a holiday binder. The only problem was the cute person in charge of the class was selling her binder for $60, and I was a super poor college student. I didn’t have $60 for a binder. In fact, I think that was my total Christmas budget that year.

So… I went right home and made my own binder.

It has changed a bit over the years. I have even given it as a gift to my sisters, a few friends, and my mom. A few weekends ago, I went away on a girls trip with my sister and I was proud to see she was still using the holiday planner I made for her years ago.

Here is the concept of it:

It is a binder to keep track of all the holiday stuff you want to remember and need to know.

I keep my holiday recipes here, my tradition ideas, any new ideas I come up with throughout the year. This is a place that I can write down gift ideas that may suddenly come to mind.

This is also where I keep and write down all the Christmas gift lists, keep the receipts, and also menu plan. (don’t you hate when you have to return something after Christmas and you can’t find the receipt?)

HINT: if you are worried about your kids knowing their lists are in this binder, then fill out their list and just hide the list away somewhere else. Then put the list in the binder when Christmas is over. It is so nice to have the list to refer back to the following year.

This is also the perfect spot to keep Christmas address list for all the cards I send out. I also stick any envelopes in here that may have come the previous year with a new address on it that I may need to add to my list for the coming year.

I also have empty shopping lists in the planner for anytime I need to add something to the list that I need to remember to pick up. This may include something at the craft store to complete a tradition, or it may be something I need for a meal, or maybe something for a gift.

There is so much to think about this time of year, and I love having it in one place.

The best part is knowing that when I come back to this sacred little binder that all the information from the previous year will be here tucked away as a reminder of year’s past. It helps spark ideas and plan the future.

Have I convinced you that you need a holiday planner too?

I also have a little spot to get you started with all the Thanksgiving to-do’s you have on your list this weekend.

I am so happy to share this FREE printable with everything you need to get you started.

Click on the image below to take you to the FREE download for all the Cover pages:

Click on this image to take you the the FREE download for all the filler/inside pages you will need.

The only thing you need is a few sheet protectors, and a nice big binder.

I did make mine a little extra special by adding some ribbon and buttons to the front of the binder. You can make yours look however you like.

I hope this helps you stay organized this time of year and…

Merry Christmas from me to you!! (a little early)

P.S. When you are ready to use this great little planner again next year, just print out the pages you need. Just print out all the filler pages. You will not need to print the cover pages ever again!