For about ten years now, I have had a blog called JandA&Co.  I am sad to say that I haven’t written on it for almost a year now.  The day and age of blogging has definitely changed.  They are not what they used to be.  I used to love to write on my blog.  I loved taking photos, and sharing our story.  Why?  Because that’s something that is so important to me; words and photos.

Even though I quit blogging, I must say that the desire to share was still there.  Instagram became my outlet for that.  It was easier too.  A quick picture here, and a few words there; and I was still recording our history.  But…

I knew in my heart that was not satisfying what God wanted for me.  I believe God has a work for all of us to do.  This is my work; recording and sharing my words.  For some reason, he wants me to do it on a not so personal level.  Ugh!!  I have really felt a push from him to share my story through blogging.  Especially this last year, as I haven’t done it much.

So here I am!!  I knew if I was going to do this, I needed a fresh start.  I wanted a new place to share.  My very own corner of the world wide web.

So with that in mind I new I needed to fulfill my dream of having a website not only about my family, but also about my passion; decorating and designing our home.

My Instagram account Valley View Abode already existed, so it was time to expand and have a website too.  This place will be an extension of what existed at JandA&Co, but also fun fresh ideas that are happening here at the Abode.

I am so excited to share this dream with you!!! Thanks for coming!!