When I was following my husband around the country so he could do medical school, residency, and fellowship; I had to learn a lot about being frugal. However, I wasn’t very good about letting go of beautiful things. I learned a lot about how to create pretty things on a dime, and how to make things look beautiful by using items that I had around.

Even though Jonathan is done with all of his medical school training now, I still love the thought of making things; and doing things on a dime. I try to save money when making my house beautiful. I have never been one to buy the most expensive of anything. I am always trying to find the best deal.

So… I am excited to start sharing a few ideas over this Holiday season that can help make your holidays beautiful and fun, but on a dime. Are you guys ready to start thinking Thanksgiving??

Today we are making Thanksgiving Place cardholders out of Cocktail straws.

What you need for each holder:

  1. 6 cocktail straw cut 2 inches long
  2. Floral wire cut 3 feet long
  3. 1 paper clip
  4. sissors
  5. ruler to help measure when cutting the straws
  6. metallic spray paint in either gold or silver

Watch this video to see how to make this amazing gold place card holder:

You will need to make one for each person at your table. Once you make one or two, these come together so quickly!! This is even a project your kiddos can help you with.

Click here to Download this FREE place card Printable

Then click the print above to take you to this FREE PRINTABLE made by me!!

Cut apart each place card with a paper trimmer, add a name, and insert into the paper clip.

Add to your Thanksgiving Table!!

Wa-La!! You’re Amazing!!

TIP: Print the place cards out on a piece of printed scrapbook paper that has white on the back. Print on the white side. Then when the card is facing the other direction; it will have a nice print on it!!

this is the back… then from both sides it looks nice.

Good Luck!!