Can you believe that it’s October 1st?

That means we are deep in Holiday decorating season now. It’s time to break out the creepy crawlies, and before we know it we will be thankful for the Thanksgiving Decor, and if I’m being truly honest…

I’m already listening to Christmas music, and would be ok with my tree going up tomorrow.

One of my favorite ways to decorate is to give my dining room all the holiday feels, or better yet….

…all the spooky vibes.

I thought it would be a cool, creeped out idea to share my top 5 favorite things to add to holiday table.

I want to start by sharing one tip with you before we begin!!


A good tablescape has texture and layers so when thinking about designing your table, gather all the texture, and all the layers from all 4 corners of your home; and let’s get started!!

5 Favorite Tablescape Must Haves:

  1. WHITE: Start with a good basic white plate. White plates are perfect for every table. Then the layering can begin from here.

-I love using white plates because you may want to use a charger under the plate, or a placemat, or in this case; you can see that the plate is stacked on the table runner. The plate pops off the black.

2. PICK A POP: The second layer of dishes can be your pop. It can be a pop of color, or a fun texture; or it could even be themed.

-Here I have used skeleton bowls on the end of the table. These were more expensive so I only bought 2. On the inside place settings, I have used skeleton plates. These were so inexpensive at just $1.49 a plate from Walmart. (I will link all my favorite table items at the end of this post)

*side note: I can’t find these specific plates at Walmart online. If you love them try buying them in store. So I linked some favorite Halloween plates that I think would look amazing on your table.

3. TEXTURE: Napkins are your next best way to add texture. I have drawers full of cloth napkins. Shhh…. don’t tell Loverboy.

-Napkins can be the item that really pops and brings out the color. They are also the item that has a nice feel to them, they are made of beautiful linens and tweed. This is the item that brings the softness to the table. You can add some fun with a napkin ring too. In this photo, white is perfect since the real feature of this table is the centerpiece.

4. CENTERPIECE: {THE BEST PARTS OF LIFE HAPPEN IN THE MIDDLE} You have a couple options with centerpieces. A stand alone in the middle, or a long centerpiece; both are stunners. You can choose just one item for the very center of the table, or like in this case; it can be something that runs all the way down the table. Even though this goes all the way down my table; I still picked one item that is the center focus item. In this case, it’s the glass jar with skeletons.

-Pick your one item, put it in the center and work from there. Holidays are fun because you can have a theme. If you can’t tell Skeletons are my theme.

–{Skeleton Glass Jar Info}

This is just a simple glass jar from Walmart. Then I filled it with moss, and little purple pumpkins that I had laying around as a filler. Then little white pumpkins, and some cement skeleton heads. The big skeleton is one that I purchased, but I was inspired by it to try and make the smaller ones.

I made them using Icecube trays, and cement mix. All I did was mix up the cement, coat the tray in olive oil. put the cement in the tray, and let it harden. …and viola… little cement skellies. (I’ve linked the ice cube trays at the bottom)

5. LEVELS: The final part to a good table is to think about the levels. So once you have picked your centerpiece, now you need to think about some great pieces to go around it, but making sure they are all on different levels.

-this is where tall things like candlesticks come in to play, and short things like pinecones, and really really flat things like wood beads are awesome.

Also, think about the time of year you are decorating for. ie; Halloween, so here we have pumpkins, and potion bottles, and black crows added to our levels.

-If you don’t want to extend down your table, and only have just one simple centerpiece think goblets or wine glasses as your level pieces.

…and last but not least… if you do add candles, which I always suggest… Light those babies up. Nothing makes a table look prettier than candles that are lit.

Cuz everything looks better when it’s lit.

Thank you for joining me today.

Today, some of my friends are joining me in sharing some of their amazing Fall/Halloween decor ideas too; Go check out their blogs for more ideas.




LOVE, Andrea

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