A few days ago on in my Instagram stories, I shared how I try to save money when I put my trees together. One of the things I shared was adding some sort of homemade element.  On my upstairs tree, we have added a homemade book page ornament.  These are so fun, and easy to make.  I thought I would share a quick tutorial here:

I have made these for my kids, with my kids, we have made them at holiday parties with little girls, at family Christmas parties, and I have made them as gifts.











I have made it so so easy for you.  I worked this morning, and made you a printable in photoshop that you can just printout on Cardstock.  This will make it so much easier for you.  If you are looking for something else, like initials like I made for my kids, you will have to make them yourself which is so easy in a program like word or pages…

My bestie uses the initials that I made for her as stocking markers.  They look so cute hanging with the stockings on the mantle.

This is my best friend Krysta’s house. See how she uses the ornaments I made her to mark her kids stockings. I put her kids initials on the ornaments. You could do that too!

Ok.  So just click on the prints here to take you to take right to the download.  You will need both papers, printed on white cardstock.  This should be so easy.  

Once you have done that step, you should locate an old book in your home, I have one that just keeps giving and giving for me.  If you don’t have one, a local thrift store is a great place to pick one up.

Another option is a piece of scrapbook paper.  This is a little bit tougher to work with, and doesn’t make a two sided ornament, but works well and looks great.

Once you have that selected, rip two pieces of paper out of the book and trim the rip off the side, or simply cut it.

Then fold it from the top corner down so as to make a perfect square, and cut along the edge.

When you open, you should have a perfect square.  Do this with both pieces.

If you are using scrapbook paper, I trim them to be 4X4 in size.

Next, start folding them at one end into an accordion.

So back and forth, back and forth.

If you do it with Cardstock, you should be following the same steps, and should have done this with both pieces; book and scrapbook paper should be folded this way.

Now it is time to begin cutting out the pieces you printed out.

Use a paper trimmer, or try to cut evenly with scissors the Christmas 2018 off the right hand side.

Then you will cut off the extra right hand side of that Christmas 2018, and then begin cutting those apart in strips.

Then choose the circles that you like, and begin cutting them out.  Then cut out the plain circles as well.  You will need as many plain circles for as many lettered circles as you cut out.  One lettered circle for as many ornaments as you are making, and 2 book pages for each ornament.

Once you have the strips cut, it adds a little detail to make them look like little flags.  In order to do this, you cut a small triangle on each end of Christmas 2018.

It’s time for glitter.  Outline the circles in glue.  Elmers works great, I like this glue from Tombow, but whatever you have on hand(DON’T GO OUT AND SPEND MONEY, REMEMBER WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE HERE)

If you hate glitter as much as I do, and hate wasting it, this little tray comes in handy.

It is awesome, and saves all your little extra sparkles, and doesn’t allow extra all over your floor.

Ok, so your sparkled, I just had to try this pink, and I’m swooning.

I normally buy Heidi Swapp glitter.  I find it at Hobby Lobby.  This pink is a little bit finer glitter though, and it’s fun; also from Hobby Lobby.

So, now it’s time to glue; this is so easy.  Once you have put one together you can put like 20 together in like 10 minutes. I promise!!


1. Scrunch the accordion together:

2. Then fold it in half and hot glue together, and do this to both:

3. Now, it’s time to glue the 2 pieces together.  I put glue on one side, and pinch, and then the other side and pinch for a second:

4.  Put some glue on the back of your lettered circle and stick it in the middle of one side of the ornament:

5. now turn it over.  Now you must decide the ribbon of your choice.  I had some of this fun pearl beading left from something.  I cut it to a good length.  You put glue in the middle of the ornament, bend the ribbon or beads in half; and glue down to the middle:

6.  now put glue all over the plain circle, and cover the ends of the ribbon or beads, and hold down tight for a second:

7: put some glue in the center of Christmas 2018 and place in the center of the plain circle:

8. Hang it on your tree:

These are so easy, and fun.  Not that hard at all, and really so fun to do with your friends, and your kids.

I hope this inspires you to make something fun and inexpensive for your tree this year.

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