Well… I am finally getting back to my house tour.

If you remember I started with our entry way, and if you are just standing in the entry and took a right, you would see our Dining Room. 

When I started drawing our house out on pieces of paper, because Yes!! I did that.  That is how the concept of our house came to be.  I drew our house out first, and then I took what I drew to the drafter; and she put it all in to perspective for us.  In the first drawings I drew… I didn’t want a dining room.  

I just felt like a dining room was such a waste of space.  We were not ever really dining room people, and we were never really people who would use the space.  Then as I drew out our plan more and more, I could not find anything that would work in this front part of our house, but a dining room!!

As I started to think more and more about it, I knew that I wanted this house to be filled with people that we would feed, and entertain.  I wanted to host Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas parties, and that meant having lots of tables to seat people at; so a dining room it was.  I also wanted a fairly open floor plan, and that meant open rooms, but we did have to have a few walls that held our house up… that meant a dining room wall to keep our house secure!!

Now, I actually love this room.  I always keep the table set, and it always looks so pretty when you walk in.  It’s the first space you see, so it’s always clean and put together.  Win! Win!


My hope has been to eat each Sunday meal here with my family, but often times we have more then just the 6 of us, or the kids will say; lets eat outside on the patio so we do that too.

Christmas Eve 2017


We always eat Christmas Eve in here, and really special meals.  It comes in handy when we host Thanksgiving as well.

When we built the house, I always thought that I would host many more meals then I do, but I have been given so many limitations with my recent diagnosis; and so I do much less then I thought.  And, yet it’s really more then people who have been diagnosed with TN are capable of; so I count that as a win.

I am learning to cope, and just starting to come out of the angry stage of grief.  I am finding so much happiness in some of the things I used to do; like just puttering around my house straightening pillows and wiping down countertops.  I know that those are really silly things to bring me joy.  However, those things mean I am normal, and I just want to feel normal.

Tonight, I am making Sloppy Joes for dinner.  I think I am going to make my family eat with me in the dining room.  Just because I love being in this space.

Maybe while we are in here, the candles on the table will turn on, and bring that sweet glow and ambiance to the room that they bring each and every night.

My favorite things about this space: shiplap walls, my hand-painted dining room table, my rose gold lighting, my maple hardwood floors, and my arched entries into the rooms. 

Life here in the Abode has been a little rough the last few months as we have all learned to adjust to my new way of life, but I am learning to enjoy the little moments that we have; like dinner in my dining room with my family.