So… it’s been 3 years since we moved into the abode, and I can’t even believe it. Sometimes when I look at this spaces in this home I am amazed at what I have accomplished with these walls in the time we have lived here… but also when I look back over photos; I think man that was not a good look…

It’s always fun to update and change spaces. I love to just move things around and give things a new home. It seems like every time I move something or redo a space I learn something about myself and design.

This past month, I decided it was time to finally tackle my home office. This space has been the catch-all room since we moved here. It was really time to spoil myself, because this room is really the room I spend the most time in.

I just finished putting this room together and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I didn’t even take good photos of the before because of my excitement to tackle this room; to do the proper before and after (what kind of blogger am I?)

Not a very good one considering it’s been almost a year since I have blogged? I’m hoping that’s gonna change!

But… here are a few of what’s been going on in this space the last few years.

My office with nothing in it, when we were getting ready to move in. Source for light:

I use this room for photography, blogging, editing photos, crafting, sewing, and it also has a tv in it; so sometimes I chill out in here.

I put a big craft table in here when we moved in, because my original plan was to be able to sit here and scrapbook with friends, or craft with the kids. Well… that just never happened or the kids just loved making it a big mess.

When putting rooms together what we think might work for a while does; but then doesn’t work out forever. It’s ok for spaces to be ever evolving.

This is a before of my craft table, that never ever worked well:

My attempt to craft more on my craft table

This is my comfy chair that was added to the space for catching up on my mommy television.


Everyone needs a soft space to chill

You might remember that my first big project for this room was the giant poster prints of my kiddos with the wood wall hangers that I made. (tutorial for this coming soon)

This was my first big step to making this room great!

(watch for upcoming tutorial or find it now on my Instagram page)
Under the highlights

After a while of me hiding out, watching my favorite shows in this room, it became tradition for Jonathan and I to watch our shows in here too. Not because we wanted too, but more because we were being kicked out of every other room in the house. You see, teenagers stake claim on the rooms with the TVs, the pool table, and the bean bags. So on Friday and Saturday nights when the teenagers are hanging out here…. Jonathan and I were forced to hang out in the gloomy office with one chair.

One night while he was off hunting… I had a brilliant idea!! I decided it was high time to finish this room once and for all, and really make it function for me and for US!

So… I came up with a vision board, and did some online shopping.

My Vision Board:

This was the plan I came up with that night. I ended up picking a different color of paint, but everything else is exactly what I picked.

What I learned…

A vision board is key… it helps you see your vision all together. It also helps you know what you need to cross off your list; and it helps you keep things simple. I like to kept mine to 5 simple things to change this room.

Here are the 5 categories I look for when creating a vision board:

  1. Statement
  2. Softness
  3. Furniture
  4. Function
  5. Drama, Eye-catching, or breathtaking

For my room I picked these items:

  1. Statement-Paint
  2. Softness-Curtains
  3. Furniture-Couch
  4. Function-Desk
  5. Drama, Eye-catching, breathtaking-wall mural

Hopefully these 5 items can help you when planning out your rooms & vision boards.

So…first I started by clearing out the room, and listing my items for sale that I wasn”t keeping anymore.

…and then I got started on the painting. I painted the back wall around the closet, and left the other walls. The paint colors are both Benjamin Moore colors. The room was already painted BM Palladian Blue, and then I painted the back wall BM Navy Masterpiece.

It’s the perfect deep velvet color with blue and green undertones. Remember this is my statement piece. I really wanted this wall to pop.

Benjamin Moore Navy Masterpiece

Then it was time to put up the mural I picked. This was so so easy, by the way. This mural is meant to catch your eye, and create something breathtaking. I think it does just that.

Then I hung the curtains, and the rod. Both of these came from Amazon.

I am a huge fan of these curtains and have them in 3 rooms. I love them because they are black out, they are thick, and they drape so nicely. (Keep in mind when purchasing them, you are only buying one panel; so you will need to buy 2) These come in so many colors!!

Curtains help bring a softness to the room. Other things that are soft are throw pillows, throws, or a wall tapestry.

I also have this antique brass rod for the curtains, in another room as well because I love how sleek and modern it is; and is really reasonable in price. …and is there anything better then stuff just coming right to your house. Always Amazon for the win!! The velvet curtains go perfect with the couch that I was patiently waiting for…..

Still just patiently waiting for the couch, that was the hardest part. I ordered it from a company called All Modern. It’s a sister company to Wayfair. They have great stuff. I had to wait about 3-4 weeks for the couch to come, but when it got here; I was in love. This couch also comes in other yummy colors. When your looking for furniture, make sure it fits the space, is practical for what you need; but also fun. (For Example, the whole reason for this redo, one chair in this office wasn’t working, so we needed a couch)

FYI: I did have to build the couch myself, but it was super easy, and it only took my about 1 hour. This couch also folds down into a bed, like a futon!! WOOT WOOT!!

That’s something I learned during this process….

I can build a couch, all by myself. Yep, I’m She-Woman!!

The last thing to do was put my new desk together. Oh!! I can also build a desk!! I snagged it from Target. I loved the sleek modern lines on the drawers, and the mid-century modern legs. The legs tied in really well with my couch.

When picking items for your spaces, look for like minded things.

The desk was the much needed piece for the whole room to come together. I needed a desk to sit at and work on my laptop. I wanted to be able to sit facing the tv if I wanted too. I do have a built-in desk in this space, but it’s tucked in a corner. I don’t like to be stuck in the corner. (no one puts baby in a corner) This piece is my function item. I hope it makes me want to spend more time being here with you!!

Once I had those 5 key pieces in my room done… the ones from my vision board; I knew I was mostly done. All that was left was the details.

….that’s my favorite part.

I picked up this little beauty from Design Courtyard, at my favorite shopping market Vintage Market Days. Isn’t the green in this jug just stunning?

….and all thats left to do is snuggle up in this room..

Hang out on the couch and watch some of my favorite shows…

and chill at my desk and get some projects done!! It’s a good sign that I’m back to blogging. This beautiful room made me do it.