I probably wrote that last post for myself, and didn’t even realize it.  Those words “Stay in the Boat”, were probably the ones God needed me to remember before he sent me sailing off onto rough waters; just days following my last post.  I knew I was headed into merky waters as I began writing that post, I just didn’t know that I was going to feel like I had been devoured by a 14 foot wave; and not see a way out just days following.

However, I am still on rocky seas, and I am not leaving that boat!!  I have wanted to jump ship on several days, but the words, “Stay in the Boat”-well they have kept me on the path.

I am sad to say that those 14 foot swells, have kept me from writing here.  I do however feel like it’s time to say something.  It is time to put my heart out there, get over my sorrow, push through the pain, and let blogging help me heal; as it has so many times in the past.

I do think God knew I need this little outlet before he gave me this life altering challenge.  He knew I would new this space to help get me through the days when I wanted to jump ship.

As many of you may know, I was diagnosed with something called Trigeminal Neuralgia, or TN several weeks back.

This diagnosis has rocked my boat.  I have cried, I have yelled, I have sat in anger wondering how in the world I could be diagnosed with another chronic pain condition?  I mean, seriously?

I still feel lots of those feelings on a regular basis, but I have found that when I try to chart my course with thoughts of; others, my God, and where I want this life to take me; somehow the waters seem to calm.

I didn’t say my pain goes away; it doesn’t.  However, I am learning to maneuver this rocky life through the good and the bad of it all.

What I hope for all of you who may visit me here at times, it that you know you are never ever alone.

We will all have times in our life when we feel like we are being swallowed up by a 14 foot wave, but don’t jump ship.

Find your way through.

What is your way??

My way is service to others when I can.  Sometimes that’s just baking cookies for my own family, which can be really hard for me these days; but I do it with love.

Find what your way might be?  What’s going to get you through this?

….and then remember you’re not doing it alone.

Reach out to someone… a friend, a sister, and never forget to reach out to God.  He will always listen.  Even when you are pretty mad at what you have going on.  He will take it.  He will listen, and he still keeps on loving you back.

Look at all these boats lined up, safely on shore.  That’s what we have to do for each other.  We have to help each other get safely home; back to shore.

Thanks to all of you who have helped guide my boat, by reaching out, sending kind words, nice little gifts, prayers, hugs; you have all been part of the light that has helped guide my ship.

Thanks for being here.



Just sharing a fun pic of the house.  My yard is starting to green up, and is looking so fun.  This brings me happiness.

Oh, and my Hydrangeas, these bring me joy too!!  Finding what brings us joy sure can help us keep on paddling, when the days seem really long! Just sayin’!