I was so lucky to join some sweet friends over on Instagram who are each doing a Room Refresh today.

I decided to join in at the last second, and to make this room refresh super cheap, and to use things I already had laying around.

I hope that you as readers find that quality charming. I don’t love spending tons of money, and I like doing quick and easy projects.

I hope my projects feels relatable, and attainable to you.

When we built our house, I knew I wanted a nice big Mudroom space, but I can honestly tell you that I did just about everything wrong in this space.

I love just about everything in our house, but if given more than a weekend there is so much I would change about our mudroom.

I have a love/hate relationship with this space.

I like things to be functional and look pretty; and this space hasn’t been doing either.

So, I took this weekend to clean it up, help it function a little better; and make it look pretty; even if it’s only for a day.

Here is what I did for my Refresh Challenge:

First the Before:

This space is ALWAYS A MESS, it is literally the dumping ground.

So, come inside and so what we have done:

All the lockers were cleaned out.

Now was the perfect time because back to school is right around the corner.

I put away old coats, backpacks, and all those stray socks that make it into those shoe bins. You know…. your kids do this too right.

Then I put one jacket, their backpack, and just one or two pairs of shoes in to the bins.

The metal bins above hold the seasonal items like beanies, gloves, and googles for easy access.

…and because it was all getting cleaned out…

It was the perfect time to make it pretty.

You know just for one day, because it’s not realistic. Mudrooms can’t stay like this forever.

If it could it would be called a flower room, and not a mudroom.

So it was fun to add the glass bottles that I have had for years from Ikea, and the green ones from the dollar tree.

I picked some fresh hydrangeas from the yard, and oh so pretty.
After I am done with these in the jar, I am going to flip them over to hang, and let them dry out. Hydrangeas dry so pretty; did you know that?

The three mirrors were mirrors that I already had. I thought it would be so fun to add them, cuz you know everybody is always wanting to check themselves out as they rush out the door to school.

Did you notice the far wall?

This is the before taken around Valentines Day:

I started working on this wallpaper quite some time ago. Well it’s finished, and I love it.

More than anything, I love dressing up this ladder with fun little holiday decor items.

Check out the adorable wood bead pumpkin from MintBleu, and the candle is just from the dollar tree. Many of the items are found at antique stores or second hand.

…and this great fall sign from Krumpets Home Decor.


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Part of cleaning up the mudroom, meant making room for the dogs to sleep together, so that meant Knox got a new home.

This has always been Saba’s space, but I bought Saba a smaller bed; she’s only 5 pounds…. and put Knox’s bed next to hers. (Knox thought he would try out Saba’s new bed)

They have loved sleeping by each other.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my little tour.

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…and come back later this week for a fall inspiration train!!