If you have been around my Instagram @valleyviewabode for a while, y’all know I love Tablescapes, and planning beautiful ideas to make everyone feel special at meals.

Today, I wanted to share TEN of my favorite Table Setting ideas, that will help set your tables apart, and make any guest for dinner feel so so special.

1. Fresh Flowers

When you add fresh flowers to your table, you are telling your guests they are worth it, and you love having them over in your space.

By adding fresh flowers, you are saying this is a special meal, and you are special too.

I find that Trader Joe’s is absolutely one of my very favs for picking up some gorgeous flowers.

Photo Deets: If you love all the little Easter details in this table check out Krumpets Home Decor for some amazing holiday decor.
Also, include my code: valleyviewabode for 10% off over at Krumpets.

2. Add Food Items to your table as part of the decor!

Here is a great example of a summer Table setting I put together using fresh fruit as the signature piece of the whole table. As an added bonus, your guests can scoop up some berries as part of the meal.

Photo Deets: Lemonade Decor from Krumpets Home Decor. Red and white napkins from 12timbers.

Don’t forget that dessert makes a great addition to any table.

On this Valentine’s table, I added some fun cupcakes:

Note: a special idea is adding a cupcake in a separate dish on the plate….

…then it can be easily removed so the dinner dishes can easily be used.

3. Layer your dishes to make them really standout.

I like to start with a fun placemat, then possibly a charger. Add a dinner plate, a salad plate, or a bowl; and don’t forget the napkin.

In this Easter tablescape, the fun bunny plate peeking through happens to be a paper plate. Don’t be afraid to mix and match what you have to liven up your table.

Photo info: Placemat is from Home Goods, Polka-dot plate is Pioneer Woman from Walmart, Bunny-eared paper plate from Target, Napkin from Hobby Lobby, and the bunny-eared napkin ring from Krumpets.

4. Collect and use items you already have

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a statement with your tablescapes. This is a great example, I had all these items already at home to make a great table centerpiece:

This is what our New Years table looked like this year. I used all sorts of fun New Years blowers, glass bottles, and amazing New Years props to make the centerpiece really stand out. However, the best touch is just simply adding the gold clock that I already had. It really screams New Years!!

5. Use color as your table setting theme.

This tablesetting was one I set out for St. Patty’s Day, so green was for sure our color theme.

However, you could choose any color you love, or a color that you have lots of dishes in. Notice how in this photo, I just scooped up any and all green items I had laying around the house; including plants.

Photo info: Table Riser from 12 timbers, green glass bottle from dollar tree

6. Use fresh herbs as an added way to beautify your place setting.

In this place setting, I used some fresh thyme that I had and added them around a cloth napkin to up their game.

A little ribbon, a beautiful napkin, some fresh thyme, and some ribbon; it will take your place setting to a whole new level.

7. Along with fresh herbs, think about adding dried flowers to your table.

We talked about adding fresh flowers to your table, well how about adding some beautiful dried flowers that will last a while.

I have had lots of luck with buying dried flowers at Joanns and Hobby Lobby.

Photo Details: If you want to know about these stunning dishes I am using for this place setting, they can be found at Denby Pottery.

8. When in doubt, always add candles.

Candles are always appropriate on any table.

Candles in candlesticks, candles in mason jars and…

think outside the box and use candles in unusual ways.

Candles make the best statement.

Photo Details: Want to know more about these amazing wooden plates? Find them here by Kijani!

9. Mix and Match your dishes

You don’t have to use all the same dishes in one place setting. In fact, your place setting will really stand out if you add a pop of color with something unexpected.

This is a perfect example; white dishes and blue bowls.

Photo Deets: These beautiful blue bowls, can be found at here at Sweese.

10. Be inspired by holidays

Add little touches of holidays to your table to make your holiday meals special.

This is an example of how the love exploded at our house over Valentines; using a Valentines Cake, paper doilies, wooden hearts, and don’t forget the candles.

Photo info: If you love this Table Riser, scrabble board, or wooden hearts, they can be found here at 12Timbers.

I hope you are inspired by all these little details that will push your tables over the top, and make loved ones feel oh so special!!

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