Let’s Talk about Fall Tablescapes….

There are so many fun ideas out there for fall…

Last year, This Tablesetting of mine was picked up by Tjmaxx, and I know it’s the beautiful color of the Amber bottles that are so eye catching in this photo:

I thought it would be fun to recreate a different scene with Amber bottles for fall again this year, and also give you a few more ideas from around the web!!

Here is how my inspiration for all this started:

This beautiful sign from Teal Barn Signs came this week, and I just knew I had to create an amazing Table setting to go with this.

If you haven’t ever bought anything from Teal Barn Signs, you have to check them out. They are all Handmade Custom Signs made by Ginger. This specific Sign is the 25 Inch Harvest Market sign in Black & White with the Walnut Frame!! (WANT ONE FOR YOURSELF?)


This sign inspired me so much to be creative with my table this year, so let’s get to creating…

I started with an empty table:

Then, I love to layer my Table Runners….

My homes is covered in blues and all the coastal feels, but because it is fall doesn’t mean that I steer away from that feeling.

In fact, I embrace it; even during the fall season.

Next, I added a riser for the center of the table. This one is from 12 Timbers.

Then I gathered all my Amber Bottles.

I have added a few ideas here on some places that you might be able to find a few of your own if you you are looking for some:

  1. Medium Amber Bottles 2. pack of Six small amber bottles

3. Amber Vase 4. 4.8 inch round Amber Vase

Here are the ones I have collected over the years:

Another great place to find Amber bottles are your local Antique Stores.

The trick to this is starting with the tallest bottle, and then moving to the shortest.

I added a few brass candlesticks to this mixture as well.

I went out into my yard, and cut down some stems to add to the bottles for a little texture and then…

I added the most important part to any tablesetting…

the candlesticks.

Candles look great down in these bottle too.

Pumpkins are an important part to any fall table setting, especially one inspired by this beautiful Teal Barn Sign Harvest sign.

Adding a few beaded banners in always fun..

…and then adding what inspired it all, the final most important touch is adding that gorgeous sign from Teal Barn Signs.

…and then don’t forget to light those candles.

I really can’t wait to get my hands on a few more signs from Teal Barn, so I can be even more inspired….

Here are a few more of my favorites from Teal Barn Signs…

Click on Image to take you to Teal Barn Signs
Click on Image to take you to Teal Barn Signs
Click on Image to take you to Teal Barn Signs
Click on Image to take you to Teal Barn Signs

Want to save on a sign for yourself?


Want a few more ideas with Amber Jars? Here are a few of my favorites from around the web!!

I love how Liz Marie Used her Amber Jars to hold Candles too. This looks incredible!!

See more of her table here:

I love how Bless this Nest Blog used some Greenery in hers:

I would love to see what you do with your Amber Bottles. If you do something great share it with me over on my Instagram @valleyviewabode

Happy Fall Decorating!!